About Us

The footwear industry , and in 1966 opened its doors in existence for over 45 years serving resume and Shoe Kind of production without compromising quality approach continues uninterrupted .


Counted on shoe design and style is among Turkey 's leading companies . Each passing day increases the variety of products without compromising the quality of our company as the destination continues to lead the industry .


Shoes on solid foundations existed before the material and spiritual Sort of overcoming difficulties and being the leading company in the sector remains the leader .


Counted from two generations of shoes kept his position by continuing the family business , father Hussein Sort of adventure shoe to begin with, along with his sons Khurshid and Cengiz Sort of combining the synergies of two generations road continues to the final speed .


Sort of giving importance to brand shoes ; " Censay and patented HCS is the owner of the two brands .


Ranging from manual labor to mechanization latest technology in this way the first plan quality and service is maintained at all times .